House No. 71/A, Road No. 5/A

Dhanmondi R/A, Dhaka

Tel: 8620353-6, 8624907-10, 9670434-6

Fax: 880-2-8618583


Doctor’s List

Dr. Tareq M Bhuiyan

MBBS, FCPS (Medicine)

Specialist in Medicine, Gastroenterology and Liver Diseases

Associate Professor

Gastroenterology Department

BIRDEM Hospital and Ibrahim Medical College


Prof. Dr. Md. Golam Rabbani

MBBS, FCPS (Psyche)

Director-cum Professor of Psychiatry

National Institute of Mental Health

Sher-E-Bangla Nagar, Dhaka-1207


Prof. Ehsan Mahmood


Professor of Neurosurgery

Dhaka Medical College & Hospital


Brain Nerve & Spine Surgeon


Dr. Md. Khaled Noor


FCPS (Paed), MD (Neonatology)

Neonatal and Child specialist

Associate Professor

BSMMU (P.G Hospital),Dhaka


Dr. Kazi Saifuddin Bennoor


Great Fellow (CANADA)

Assistant Professor (Respiratory Medicine)

National Institute of Diseases of Chest & Hospital

Mohakhali, Dhaka-1212


Dr. Md. Mizanur Rahman

FCPS (Surgery) M.S (Urology)

Assistant Professor

Dept. Of Urology

Dhaka Medical College & Hospital


Major Dr. A T M Rezaul Karim

MBBS, DDV (DU), MCPS, FCPS (Dermatology)

Specialist in Dermatology & Venereology

Barder Guard Hospital (EX- BDR), Peelkhana,Dhaka

Dr. Syeda Farida Begum



Gynecology & Obstetrics

Bangladesh Medical College & Hospital


Dr. SK. Zinnat Ara Nasreen


Professor & Head of the Department (Obs/Gyne)




Dr. A.K.M Akhtar Murshed

MBBS, MS (Ortho), FICS

Professor and Head

Department of Orthopedics

Bangladesh Medical College, Dhaka


Professor Humayun Kabir Chowdhury


Department of Surgery

Ibrahim Medical College & BIRDEM


Prof. Dr. Syed Azizul Haque

MBBS, FCPS (Medicine), MD (Cardiology)


Professor & Head, Department of Cardiology

Sir Salimullah Medical College & MItford Hospital, Dhaka


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    thankxxxxxxxxxxx a lot ……for info……..thankxxxx…

  • Md.Khorased Alam says on March 3, 2015 at 2:14 pm | Permalink

    please give me list of neurologist

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